Sunday, 27 March 2011

Trowbridge House Pub Back Garden

Today we started work in the garden that the Trowbridge House Pub are kindly letting us use,  this is what it looked like when we got there.

To clarify that huge pit of brambles, thats is the garden. I was more than a little shocked. When my friend invited me along to a gardening project, I was thinking perhaps some digging, a little weeding, this was more than I bargained for. After a few reassuring words from Simon I began to see the potential of the place, he was talking about the veg we could be growing and the number of plots we could fit, I started to get excited. This was going to be brilliant, I couldn't start sheering fast enough. 

A good few hours of everyone cutting, moving rubbish and digging up roots later, the place looked like this:

It was hard work. I mean, I ache all over right now, but it was good fun, and seeing the difference  at the end of the day was amazing. 


Today we started work on the Trowbridge House back garden, it was a full day of work and I am frankly shattered, but very happy with our progress. I'll give you a proper update about that once I've got hold of the pictures. The main thing I can tell you now is that I'm Letty, and I volunteered to run a blog so that we could show people what we are up to and keep a record of our progress for ourselves.   

In other news, Simon is going to be talking about the project live on Radio Bristol at eight tomorrow morning, so if people are awake an interested, you should certainly have a listen.