Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Simon Says

Simon gives us an update on progress in the garden at Trowbridge House; it turns out compost is something to get excited about!  Plus, look how clear the space is looking.  This is all terribly thrilling.

Gardening - BYO elbow grease

"We've built the two compost bins (albeit missing one pallet to make them both complete...we're in search of one at the moment), and we've been clearing everything else up.  I think it should be all looking quite organised by the end of today.  Potatoes possibly in, but I'm going to leave them in a box (which I've got to find somewhere) along with all the seeds so that people can plant as they please, as I'll be away for a few weeks from tomorrow.

Composting was pretty brilliant last week.  A woman from Bristol turned up with her partner - both of them very involved in permaculture - and they gave us loads of advice.  And on Saturday Chris, Adam and myself represented Student Community Allotments at the Transition Bath talk on How Can We Grow More Food Locally?.  We got a lot of contacts there, and the talk was generally very inspiring."

The garden looking so much clearer!

and the lovely compost bins
Great progress - Go Team!

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