Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There's more than one way to skin a cat...

And there's more than one way to acquire a potato.
One way to acquire a potato is to get some money, go to a shop, and buy a potato. This is very simple, if rather dull. Another way to acquire a potato is to plant a seed potato in the ground, wait for a couple of months, and then dig in the place you planted the seed. This is also very simple, but much more exciting, as demonstrated by this picture:
The really incredible thing, is that where you planted one seed potato there are now lots of full-grown potatoes. Here's Emma with a stack of spuds and a lovely smile:
Once we had taken the potatoes from the ground, we couldn't wait to eat them. With the rustic expertise of Chris Leigh at hand, we didn't have to wait for long! He gave them a rinse, wrapped them in tin foil, and popped them in some hot ashes:
 After about half an hour he fetched them out of the fire (using a trowel), and we ate them. Here's Simon tucking into a tasty potato, just half an hour after it had been lounging around in the ground:
 In addition to digging up potatoes and cooking them and eating them, we also spent some time weeding and watering. Most of the plots at Trowbridge House are planted out now, but there's a couple of spaces that we're hoping to give to local residents, so we also spent some time clearing these spaces ready for use. Here's some more photographs from the evening's work:

Emma and Simon contemplating the magic door to another world: possibly Narnia, or maybe the Aniverse where Bucky O'Hare and Dead Eye Duck engage in the never-ending war against the Toad Menace. Does anybody remember the cartoon Bucky O' Hare? Just me?  Never mind.
In this photograph, we see an organised line of Triffids advancing upon the unsuspecting Chris Leigh.

If you'd like to get involved in future work days at the Trowbridge House or at one of our other community allotment spaces, then please get in touch at samdrewapicture@gmail.com. All the best, your friend, Sam.

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  1. I really love this last photo, of the attack of the triffids. The mood of the photo seems so intense, it's like as if we've occupied some brambles' homes, massacred most of them, and now they're out for their revenge.